Monday, October 27, 2014


Two things I will always be obsessed with:  
1)  Stripes, in any and all form/color/shape/size
2)  Dainty necklaces.  Gold is my favorite.

Both these necklaces worn are from my new favorite and affordable company, STRANDS.  They have a wonderful selection that fits many tastes.  I love that all their dainty necklaces layer well together.  Now the best part, really, about finding this company is I have met the absolutely most lovely person and now friend.  Shout out to Ellery! (Not to mention her partner in Strands is also adorable!)  :)  So happy to have met this girl and her sweet fam!

On to this shirt.. umm Old Navy has got it goin on with this button up.. am I right?!  (similar and on sale! HERE)  I bought two sizes up because I like to wear this style oversized and tucked in the front.  It's a classic piece that will always be in my closet.  I own a few more that are similar. Not shown, but i paired the shirt with a slim distressed boyfriend jean and my birkenstocks.  It's a no fail outfit for me.  Take notes of outfits like this that you always feel great in.  Then those days you are staring at your closet wondering what the heck to put on, you can pick one of your no fail outfits and feel good!

Photos taken by my 3 1/2 year old.  Excluding her portrait at the bottom ;)

the little photographer of my outfit :-)

Thursday, August 28, 2014


California summers seem to be endless, especially when amazing boots and adorable chunky sweaters start popping up in stores in August.  It's still 98 degrees outside, guys.  "I'm still sweating here in my light tank top and cut offs." But when we get the slightest cool down, you know I will be all about these fall transitional pieces!  Here's some inspiration on how to style your summer to fall look.  Chunky sweaters/military jackets with shorts, blazer/denim over dresses, booties (with anything really!), leather skinnies with summer sandals, and newer to the scene.. the culotte is coming back around! Pair it with heels!  What are your favorite summer to fall transitional pieces?

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Ok, don't hate me BUT the thing I dislike about a lot of food blogs is that there tends to be a ton of pictures and what seems to be essays before you actually get to the recipe.  Don't get me wrong, the pictures look awesome and the food looks delicious.  But I don't need to see the same bowl of chili from twelve different angles.  I just want to see the recipe close to the top and if I am interested I will probably go back and read the rest of the post.  Most of the time there are great stories along with the recipe, I'm not doubting that.  But it can be frustrating when I have to scroll for five minutes just to find the recipe.  With that said, here's the recipe for Coconut Banana Raspberry Pops :)

3 ripe bananas
1 1/2 cups unsweetened coconut milk
2 tablespoons raw honey
2 tablespoons lemon juice

Yep, that's it!  Blend the bananas, coconut milk, honey and lemon juice together.  If it comes out really thick you may need more coconut milk.  I am actually not quite sure of that measurement.  Sorry! Then throw a few raspberries in your popsicle molds and pour the blended mixture over.  Then freeze.  Voila!  The raspberries could be substituted for any other fruit, really.  We (Peyton and I) ended up doing a few pops with blueberries, too!  She could hardly wait for them to freeze up!  These came out nice and creamy, too.  Not too icy (enter thumbs up emoji .. haha).  Let me know if you all try different variations of this recipe.. would love to hear how they came out!

Monday, August 11, 2014


We always seem to decide to go to the beach on a whim.  Last Thursday Nathan came home from work in the middle of the day, frustrated, and said 'he was taking the rest of the day off'.  Peyton out of nowhere says 'Daddy, let's go to the beach!'.  So.. why not?  We packed up a few things and headed out to the door.  Naturally, we headed to our favorite beach.  Laguna Beach.  (Not to mention it's the closest to our house anyways).  Driving out there I realized it would be Elliott's first time at the beach!  Made this spontaneous trip that much better :)  We arrived, settled in the sand, and enjoyed that afternoon.  Elliott's toes (or bottom half.. woops) got in the water.  And Peyton would have swam out with the dolphins if she could.. I swear she was a mermaid in previous life!  She absolutely loves the water.  Nathan got quite the workout chasing her in and out of the water.  It's days like this that remind me just how beautiful family time can be and the little moments are what it is all about.  Peyton's laughs and excitment, Elliott's wide eyes watching the waves and action around him.  Those moments.  Happiness.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Where in the world is my newborn baby going?  Or growing, I should say!  This big boy is 20 and a half pounds!  It's unbelievable how the time goes by and it leaves me with mixed emotions.  Happy to see my little boy grow and develop and change.  But sad because I know he won't be this little for long.  I am trying to cherish these moments as much as possible and be present in this ever changing time.  Here's the scoop on Mr. E!

Chewing on his fist
Bath time

New Skills:
Rolling from tummy to back and vice versa
Sitting for very short periods by himself
Able to sit and play in jumperoo or play chair
Using his voice (we think he sounds like a dinosaur! hehe)

Mr. Man (from me)
Chunkers (from me)
Sir "plug in verb here".. ex. Sir-sleeps-a-lot, Sir-eats-a-lot, Sir-poops-a-lot. (from nathan)

Other notes:
Elliott is a happy baby and pretty easy going for the most part.
Although, I am still up in the night a few times with him feeding.  I think it's about time to move him to his room.. eeee!  We can do it.. we can do it! (pep talking myself) :)

Happy 5 months my sweet, happy boy!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


At 38 weeks, I went in to see my doctor for a regular scheduled
prenatal appointment.  She did a routine ultrasound to check 
Elliott's measurements.  She said he was approximately 9lb 1oz!
I was shocked as I knew I had at least 2 weeks to go.  He was that
big?  Of course she mentions that ultrasounds can be +/- 25oz
and as they get bigger the measurements become more inaccurate.
But she did warn me that with a big baby you risk shoulder dystocia
which is basically where the shoulders get stuck and it can be a 
serious situation.  She said it's not necessarily safe to do an induction
just because of a 'big baby' and she encouraged me to think about 
scheduling a c section if he didn't come before his due date.
She ordered me a formal ultrasound to get another look.  I did that 
ultrasound a day later and it came back the same.  'Could he already
be that big?' I thought.  Also, 'I can't believe after 9 months of 
planning for a natural birth I may have to have a c section!'  At 40
weeks, Elliott still content in my tummy, I had another appointment 
and again my doctor sent me to get an ultrasound that day.  As I
expected, he was measuring BIG.  And this time they said he was
10lb 13oz!  I was sent up to labor and delivery to talk to a doctor
that was on that day.  From the minute I met him I was uncomfortable
and he took my husband and I into a room and basically told me what
I already knew.  "You have a BIG baby", "You are risking shoulder
dystocia", "You don't want to be that 1/however many that has to 
go through that emergency situation".  He said "I can do your
c-section tonight if you want".  Whaaaat? I felt like I was in a business
meeting, someone trying to sell me.  Hello, this is my body and baby
we are discussing!  I declined the c-section for that night of course, 
saying I would discuss again with my doctor.  I talked to her the next
day and decided that I wanted to wait a little bit longer to see if my
body would go into labor on its own.  In the meantime, I did end up 
scheduling a c-section with MY doctor which would happen 6 days
past due if he wasn't here yet.  I was sure he would be here, right? 
As the next days passed I struggled with my emotions and doubt in
having a c-section.  Did I really need it?  Was Elliott that big?  Was I
being selfish and risking my baby's health?  I didn't know.  I cried to
my doctor, I cried to my mother, I cried to my husband.  My mother
decided to drive down and be here whether or not I decided to do
the c-section.  I had hoped Elliott would arrive before the c-section 
date but he did not.  The night before I was scheduled to go in, I was
texting with my doula and she said, "Why not discuss an induction" 
when we went in the next day.  It was something that had been put
aside because what I thought was that they wouldn't do an induction
just because of a big baby.  But I thought it wouldn't hurt to try.  And
my gut was just telling me, "Your body can do this, Jenny.  You already 
gave birth to a big baby (my daughter was 9lb 3oz).  You are strong 
and focused and can do this".  

The morning came for my scheduled c-section and we met our doula
at the hospital.  I felt down, but strangely calm.  If I had to have a
c-section, I would be okay.  It's not what I wanted, but there was a 
possibility I would have to accept it.  We walked in and I signed in. 
A nurse approached us and said "Oh so we are going to try to labor first
right?"  My doula quickly said, "Um yea!".  As I just nodded with her.
I thought, "Wow, this would be great if I could try to labor first".  The 
nurse then proceeded to say, "Dr. Lewis said that she thought you guys
would want to come in and do that".  Needless to say, my doctor
figured we would come in and want to discuss an induction first, rather
then going right into a c-section.  Well, that was easy I thought to myself.
We got settled into a room and my doctor came in and we discussed the 
risks again, but she said it was my choice.  And I decided to go for it.  I
went with my gut.  I knew I could do it.  I trusted my body.  
I needed a dose of antibiotics before we got things started and then
I was able to walk the halls for an hour.  I walked with my mom and 
my doula.  We even did lots of stairs! ;)  I went back and they started
me on Pitocin.  I was nervous knowing that contractions can be pretty
painful on Pitocin and who knew how long my labor was going to be.
They usually up it every 30 minutes if you aren't progressing.  I was 4cm
when I walked in.  At the 30 min mark my contractions were progressing
so we did not up the dose.  An hour in, my contractions started coming
on strong.  I was at about 7 or 8cm and had this feeling that it wouldn't be
too much longer.  Another 45 min of painful contractions, breathing 
through with the support of my husband and doula.  My doula massaged
my lower back through every contraction!  Thank heaven for her! Pretty
soon I felt so much pressure in my low back and butt, I knew it was time 
to start pushing.  They checked me and I was 10 cm, ready to go!  I pushed 
for about 15 min or less.  Before I knew it Elliott was here!  My first thought
when I saw his little face was that he looked just like Nathan :)  He was here
and my heart was filled with such joy and relief.  I had done it.  I was so
happy that I went with my gut and trusted my body to do what it was
supposed to do.  I am so thankful that I had my husband and doula by my
side the entire time.  And that my mother and sister were able to be there
to see the birth of Elliott.  What a whirlwind event!   

We stayed one night in the hospital and were ready to get home to
our daughter so she could meet her new little brother!  Elliott 'brought'
her a balloon, books and puzzles.  The balloon stole her heart.  To this
day she tells everyone, "He brought me a balloon!"  My little family of 
three is now four and I couldn't be happier :)